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Education Connect is a website which provides access to a collection of several other websites and services created by Kyle Lowry for Northview High School in Covina, California.

The primary and most expansive feature of EC is the Intervention Management System (IMS). This system manages Northview High School’s unique Intervention Program, and automates many labor-intensive tasks so staff can focus on helping students, not sorting data.

In addition to the IMS, EC also features the Academy Book Search, Book Review Blog, The Call Letter (a newsletter written by our Learning Specialist for staff at NHS), and the Technology & Innovation @ NHS website (where you can read more about some of the programs we have at Northview).

If you are interested in learning more about our Intervention program, please use the menu item “Technology & Innovation” to navigate webpages which talk about our programs in more detail. For further information, you can contact either Kyle Lowry or Hillary Wolfe via the contact page at this site or the T&I site.